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What is a Noble Man?

August 15, 2006

The purpose of this website is to create / resurrect / expand the concept of noble masculinity. What is a noble man? Why is he needed in our society? Why has the pop psychology movement done little for men? How can the human potential movement be used for clarifying masculinity? What is the impact on feminism on the notion of masculinity? How does one become a noble man? What will be the result of a new wave of men who embrace a energized form of masculinity characterized by strength, discipline, creativity, faith, optimism, social intelligence and leadership?

The above questions are ones that I hope to explore with your help. Our society has unfortunately embraced the notion that the violence of today and the past is somehow related to masculinity. This is perpetuated by pop psychology, the media, and extreme feminism. The fact is that our society is in desperate need for leadership characterized by noble masculinity.

True noble masculinity or the concept of the noble man or nobleman is one that embraces the masculine. He is a man who does not need the validation of the feminine but understands that the feminine is naturally enthralled by a man who is living for a higher purpose and goal. The noble man is one that understands and is brought to new heights of living by the dance between the two poles of masculine and feminine.

Possessing unequaled social intelligence, he studies human behavior because he knows that everyday and every interaction is a chance to expand and learn about people and to leave every person and every interaction at a higher level. His confidence and social acumen allows him to find what is special in every person and to relate to them and reward them.

The noble man approaches the feeling of fear as a sure sign that he must overcome it, not through reckless abandon but through concerted, concentrated effort knowing that beyond fear is another level of achievement and enlightenment.

He is in control of his sexuality because he understands that women of quality, respect and instinctively understand that a man in control of his sexuality is a man of almost unequaled power and attraction. This does not mean restricted sexuality, it means an awareness and ability to harness this power both for physical sexuality of unparalled passion but also for its use in creative expression.

In summary this website will explore and provide a place for men who sense that the power in being a man is not one to be ashamed of as society portrays it, but one of noble power, immense responsibility, and one that shows the way to true happiness and achievement.


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  1. aniruhama permalink

    I’d like to observe that while confidence is by no means a negative attribute, a noble man must join that with true humility and compassion. Otherwise, he ends up being just like every other man.

    Best wishes on your efforts here. Noble men are indeed a dying breed.

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