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Only One Agenda is Needed

August 22, 2006

The noble man sees everyday and every interaction as a chance to bring light. He realizes that one must always be “on” so to speak. This of course can be very hard and we all have our low days. I use an erasable magic marker and write inspirational things on my mirror in the mornings that I am having trouble getting my mood and strength up. You must have in your armory things you can do to break that feeling. I recommend that you have some book that you have always found inspirational with you or at least readily available if necessary.

A noble man must always be free of acting in a way that hides an ulterior motive. Only one agenda is needed and that is to bring as much light to any interaction and then when the light is shining, you have the control to decide how you want it to proceed and in what manner. The best way to accomplish this is “to be interested and not to try to be interesting.” Even in situations where you encounter people not interested in connecting with you, you must maintain your strength in knowing you walk in innocence and in truth. What others think of you in this situation is none of your business, stay out of their heads and stay in your space of calm, collected, confident energy ready to bring light.

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  1. dlove permalink

    thank you so much! it helps alot to know there are others.

  2. justiriser permalink

    I used to be this kind of guy, but now i struggle to get it back,, i dont know how it happens,, it’s like it just lost along the way,, i’m seeking any online help and that leads me here,, thank you sir,, every reading materials makes me feel better,,

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