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Outer Effects of Inner Self-Confidence

August 22, 2006

Something wonderful happens when one is self-confident. It inspires others around them to relax and be open to communication. As a physician I have often noticed how people around me tend to relax when it is obvious that I am confident in my abilities.

When one is in a social situation the same thing happens. When you project warmth and confidence, people around you will feel more comfortable. The noble man who has developed a sense of self-confidence uses it with his social intelligence to create an environment of friendly relaxed communication and fun. When you develop your confidence, you need to use it to be an ambassador of good will wherever you go.

Too many people in situations from elevators to shopping malls to work settings to bars to parties are simply afraid and too self-concious to initiate conversations. As a noble man, you are an ambassador for changing the vibe to a more positive one. For some noble men, it involves elevating the energy, for others it involves a more peaceful one. The point I am trying to make is that the noble man through his confidence has a great deal of control of his environment and is always looking to bring out what is special in the person he is interacting with.

Today, make it a point to speak to 3 people. Either plan to bring a smile to their face or find out something special about someone you interact with on a regular basis. Be the man because you ARE the man!!


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