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The Right Motivation

November 2, 2006

Do you know why you strive for the things you desire? Have you analyzed the motivations for goals?

The nobleman’s reasons for any specific goal relate to the reward of actually achieving that goal, never any of its accompanying benefits. The nobleman realizes that noble masculinity requires of one to be honest with himself, we do not delude ourselves by trying to achieve things to make up for a lack of other skills. One doesn’t desire riches because one is deficient in other areas and think that riches will make up for a lack in another realm of your life, to use an example. Examine why you desire the things you do! Will the achievement of that goal lead to another grander one? If it does not or you can not imagine that it will, you should really re-assess your goals.

Through honest searching of your strengths and weaknesses, the nobleman isolates those deficits that are worthy of correction and makes it a distinct goal to overcome these deficits. He does not overcompensate in one area in order to make up for lack in another. He does not make the mistaken assumption that by achieving in one area it will somehow make up for another.

I know many friends that have spent their lives pursuing money and riches with the notion that this will bring them success with women and lead to happiness. The nobleman works in a different way. If he is unsuccessful with women for example, he will make it a sincere goal to overcome this problem through diligent work and making contacts and learning from those who are successful. A nobleman does not overcompensate for a lack, when a lack is discovered a new goal is formed, if it is deemed important for his constant growth.

The lesson here is that noble masculinity requires of a man to be honest with his defects and strong enough to make a plan to overcome and excel at them.


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