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Eliminate Self-Doubt (Part 1)

November 16, 2006

You were born an innocent child.  The beauty of infants is in the new and palpable sense of wonder of what may come and the great potential that they have.  As we grow, somewhere along the line we take on anxieties and guilt for things.  This guilt can damage your self image and make you feel a tremendous amount of self- doubt.

Decide right now that you are going to be a person that can look at the situations of your life and at least forgive yourself for things that you may have done or things that you failed at.  You have to give yourself the permission to fail at things, its ok, and its part of the learning experience.  It is when you retreat from failure and then avoid those situations and enter your comfortable coccoon of an existence that you begin to self-doubt for lack of overcoming those obstacles and retreating from the world.

Comfort is a double edged sword.  The comfort that leads to laziness is the one that must be battled constantly, it will damage your self esteem and lead to self-doubt.  You need a project, a higher mission in life to be a noble man.  The opposite of comfort in this setting is not discomfort, it is sincere striving, it is characterized by an intense positive energy that can fill every aspect of your life but it is not comfort.  As a noble man, you move from goal to goal elevating people along the way.  Stay out of other peoples heads and don’t over analyze people, you are on a mission and have positive work to do.

The great men of history did not stop when failure arose, they looked it as another way NOT to achieve what they were trying to do and hence closer to their goal.  You can adopt this attitude.  I know people who are actually happy when they fail at something because they have so internalized this lesson, that they know that they are closer to the goal they have set than before the failure.

You must engage the world, accept failure as the true recognition that you are on a mission, learn and go at it again.  Do not doubt yourself.  You are new everyday of your life, forgive yourself, if you are fortunate to have today, then yesterday’s lessons can allow you to live a whole new life today, filled with strength, optimism, and belief in yourself.  Be the man!!  Because you owe to it yourself and to the world!!


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