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What is a Noble Man?

The purpose of this website is to create / resurrect / expand the concept of noble masculinity. What is a noble man? Why is he needed in our society? Why has the pop psychology movement done little for men? How can the human potential movement be used for clarifying masculinity? What is the impact on feminism on the notion of masculinity?  How does one become a noble man? What will be the result of a new wave of men who embrace a energized form of masculinity characterized by strength, discipline, creativity, faith, optimism, social intelligence and leadership?

The above questions are ones that I hope to explore with your help. Our society has unfortunately embraced the notion that the violence of today and the past is somehow related to masculinity. This is perpetuated by pop psychology, the media, and extreme feminism. The fact is that our society is in desperate need for leadership that personifies noble masculinity.

True noble masculinity or the concept of the noble man or nobleman is one that embraces the masculine. He is a man who does not need the validation of the feminine but understands that the feminine is naturally enthralled by a man who is living for a higher purpose and goal. The noble man is one that understands and is brought to new heights of living by the dance between the two poles of masculine and feminine.

Possessing unequaled social intelligence, he studies human behavior because he knows that everyday and every interaction is a chance to expand and learn about people and to leave every person and every interaction at a higher level. His confidence and social acumen allows him to find what is special in every person and to relate to them and reward them.

The noble man approaches the feeling of fear as a sure sign that he must overcome it, not through reckless abandon but through concerted, concentrated effort knowing that beyond fear is another level of achievement and enlightenment.

He is in control of his sexuality because he understands that women of quality, respect and instinctively understand that a man in control of his sexuality is a man of almost unequaled power and attraction. This does not mean restricted sexuality, it means an awareness and ability to harness this power both for physical sexuality of unparalled passion but also for its use in creative expression.

In summary this website will explore and provide a place for men who sense that the power in being a man is not one to be ashamed of as society portrays it, but one of noble power, immense responsibility, and one that shows the way to true happiness and achievement.

  1. How to be a (modern) gentleman

    1. Some things don’t change: say please and thank you and ask questions about other people
    rather than talk about yourself.

    2. Be punctual. Tardiness does not make you look important, it turns you into an arrogant incompetent who thinks that his time is more important than other people’s.

    3. Open doors for people and stand up when they enter a room, but do this for men as well as women.

    4. The modern gentleman doesn’t treat women like porcelain.

    5. Be modest. Bragging is distinctly ungentlemanly.

    6. Be a good father. Nothing is less charming than a man who leaves childcare to women.

7. Be honest about wherever you have come from in life. Pretension is spineless.

    8. Flirt – with everyone. Good flirting is a form of politeness. Pay compliments and put your companion at ease.

    9. Dress tidily. Whatever style you are going for, scruffiness just isn’t in.

    Dr. Ali York Muhammed, CEO
    MOER Foundation, Inc.

  2. show me a noble man okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • I will show you a Noble Man Only and Only if you promise to respect him, love him, care for him, learn from him and promote His Nobility among mankind.

      Are you Ready to meet the Noble Man-Woman?

      Turn the lights off, Take a deep breath, Close your Eyes, and think of the most important person in your life, who cared for you, loved you, respected you, and who brought your unto your life!

      Ok my friend, have you seen the Noble Man-Woman Yet? I guess not, but as I promised, I will show you a Noble Man, and that Noble Man my friend is “You”, and anyone who extends and shares the feelings they have for their (Parents) Mother to Others, is a Noble Man-Woman.

  3. I have only seen a small portion of this website, and even still I am truly amazed. The need for the “noble man” in American society is absolutely essential. Courage, independence, confidence, dignity, and honor are virtues that have made our country a dynamo. However, these pillars of American spirit are scrutinized, and undermined at every turn by the feminist movement. I as a young man of 18 promise to uphold my end of the bargain, and I do believe things will get better but we must remain patient. Patience after all is a virtue of the “noble man”.

  4. Patrick permalink

    Well, I first started exploring the concepts of a noble man, when I first discovered the true meaning behind MY name Patrick was. Patrick means, “Nobleman”

    After reading upon what a noble man was, I realized I was half way there.

    To me, being noble is to know when and how to act accordingly while still keeping your dignity and values in place. It’s taking everything you stand for, whether others approve of it or not, and putting it to use to make your surroundings a better place, not only for you, but for others.

    Being noble, to me, doesn’t have to be about being a gentlemen or polite. It’s about expanding your mind, learning new values, holding on to your beliefs and exercising your character through a perceptive view on the world. As nobleman, we are not selfish or judgmental, just ordinary people with all the right characteristics, only we know how to put them to embrace them and allow ourselves to grow. We are not afraid to admit we are wrong sometimes and are honest in everything.

    That’s my view on nobleman.

    • That’s a wonderful piece sure made a good research on your name..It truly pays to be a nobleman..If I got it right from your post, noblemen are men of integrity.

  5. Patrick permalink

    Forgot to add, I am 17 years old and have been building and growing as a person to better myself ever since I can remember. I’m not saying being a nobleman is a born quality, but a quality you have to have embrace as a personal belief and lifestyle.

  6. i think this defaniton hits it to a tee

  7. Lourens permalink

    A modern rendering of the familiar words of God to Abraham, ” Walk before me and be perfect,” reads as follows:

    “Live in my presence with integrity.”

    When a man live in the present, alive and awake to the Presence, true to the inner truth he has been granted as a man, He lives nobly, his life ruled by (Divine) Love and Wisdom.

  8. Sir Timothy Warner permalink

    Being a noble man, as mentioned above is indeed a requirement in society, standing up for what he believes in, upholding his personal and moral values. Living life for others and continuing your own understanding of what a noble man is, even to the point of actually defining it by your own life. Even as your reading all of these definitions and explanations, ask yourself… “What of this do I want to apply to my own life?” write it down, and live it outloud! I have started a program for youth called “The Brotherhood of the Knights of Valor” It serves to train up and equip youth. being a Noble man is one of the 7 steps, as I stated before, live it outloud.

  9. Anyway, you have an interesting perspective on this this particular topic. Please update this blog on a more regular basis! By the way, do you allow your readers to submit to you topics they want to personally know more about? Actually I have a specific question on this subject since I am suffering through a challenging situation with a girl I like and I’m just not sure how to move forward. I’d love to ask for your input…or maybe someone can suggest a book that I ought to read?

  10. Michael permalink

    Male nobility makes possible the deeper type of relationship between men and women. While it is relatively easy for men to love and adore women, the reverse is infrequently true. Female love for males based on male physical attributes, sexual ability, wealth or ability to provide….all this is selfish and fleetingly temporal. A woman who finds and appreciates a man who, more or less, exemplifies nobility is moved to open her heart to him in love and gratitude, knowing that her noble partner is willing to die for her and her children. The best and most loving relationships are founded on mutual gratitude…and for gratitude to flow from the female heart, male nobility is requisite.

    • Stephanie permalink

      Michael please read the article again…a noblemen will have the charactor to obtain the natural needs of the female which is physical attributes, sexual ability, wealth, or ability to provide. You think having a penis and being nice is all it takes?

  11. even i don’t understand that how a child turn to Nobel human being?

  12. I found this website by chance as I wanted to register the domain “” and it was taken. What a great find! Your article speaks my thoughts precisely! Thank you kindly for sharing and guiding men.

  13. My middle name is Patrick…very interesting!

  14. I really chose to dive into what being a noble man is, years ago when I first posted on this forum I was more curious then moved into action. If anyone’s looking for any specific books for men or women, one of the great sites I recommend is and browse the store/books area. If you want to dive into being a noble man, it takes research and action. are you willing to take the dive? 🙂

    • crazybananazzz permalink

      a noble man is never gaged by the size of his wallet

  15. Aubrey permalink

    Life is about getting what you give. If you are confused and mad about life, thats how people are gonna be with you. Slow down and always respect your innerself and morals when standing face to face with arrogance or anger. Keep calm carry on

    • crazybananazzz permalink

      Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. A Jedi never acts out of anger.

  16. Aubrey benns permalink

    Being a gentlemen or nobleman is similar to the working bumble bee who polinates his flowers for the sweet stuff. All you bee’s stay busy and love your flowers for the sweet stuff.

    • crazybananazzz permalink

      One should be a proper gentleman not for the wrong reasons. Many young men conceal their sexual intentions from women by acting gentlemanly. This is the wrong path. Respect women and respect yourself equally.

  17. Colleen permalink

    What does this phrase mean to you? I am keeping a return to noble in the front of my mind. It is what I want for myself.

  18. Daniel permalink

    I think it’s really rare to find a nobleman in our society nowadays, in a deep way. Therefore I congratulate the purpose of this blog. Being a nobleman is living each day with the utmost respect, dignity, serenity and honesty. I’m still a young man, but since my adolescence I’ve been trying to behave like a nobleman and I guess I’m doing it well… Excuse me for asking but what about gay man? Do you think they could be noblemen too? My personal belief is that they could and, because of that, it’s important thinking about noblemen and gentlemen in a more open way, according to the changes of our society… Thank you very much indeed for your interesting posts.

    • A Noble person is one who is able to control themselves, and hear their own thoughts. I would say that the way culture is “exchanging” right now would prove that nobility is becoming nothing more than pride, which is contradictory to nobility and even masculinity. Proper nobility is dying every day because people naturally choose what feels good, or what seems good at the moment. Instead of helping others, they serve themselves. It is even possible to serve others selfishly, which is a detestable heart motive.

      Nobility should never be a mask you put on that says “I am a good person, good looking, and people love me” because that’s called “Works”. You try to become someone you’re not by working at being what you find value in- and don’t really know any other way. This isn’t wrong, it’s simply misguided. You can’t have reward without sacrifice. This is where mentors come in, and can skyrocket the growth of anyone who wants to grow into a man or woman of virtue and valor,

      In my personal opinion, the first step to nobility is asking God to make you a better person- no matter how much it may hurt. That prayer will lead you to sacrifice, but the rewards are greater than you will ever know. If you pray that prayer, I suggest you keep a journal.

      If you have any questions or want help finding a mentor, please email me at

      • crazybananazzz permalink

        Whatever religion you are, emulate Obi Wan Kenobi in all matters.

  19. I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also visit this website on regular basis to get updated from latest news update.

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  21. It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people for this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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  24. jody permalink

    wow i randomaly came across and i realy do think this should go out to males but to females aswell. if femals increase there standards for men and what they look for wouldn’t males then finaly man up and start taking responsibilities in wanting to be better. what female is going to want a man thats going to let her take on all the responsibilities in the house thats really pathetic as the man should be the head of is family.

  25. Thank you all for your comments – this post has received a lot of attention. I am going to expand on this idea on a new website .

  26. Opoku Samuel permalink

    Thanks alot folks, I am at the right place…
    No doubt about that, keep up the good work…

  27. Abishai Williams permalink

    Just stumbled on your article and I just want to say that you are doing a wonderful work..keep it up…

  28. patricia permalink

    Wow ilove this explanation at least it lets someone to know who he is and understands himself better.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Nobility and masculinity have nothing to do with each other. Feminine people also have no effect on ones masculinity. You shouldn’t feel the need to defend your own masculinity by judging femenists, by doing so you actually contradict your own vision. A man who knows he is a man does not need anyone too validate this, more mirror it in their own lives.

    • Sir Timothy Warner permalink

      I believe there are various types of nobility. For instance, I have seen horses and dogs act with a type of nobility compared to others of the same species. Looking into the one of many windows of “Nobility” you come across one that is “Noble Masculinity”. I agree that it should not be a matter of defending a viewpoint or judging others, but I believe there’s a new renaissance of what it means to be a man, and it’s more than just farts and duct tape, it’s looking in the mirror and asking the difficult questions, and finding your identity. It’s a journey every man should take. It’s not an easy path, but it does have a beautiful effect on who you are once you take off the labels that you or others have placed on you.


    • crazybananazzz permalink


  30. mbugua permalink

    ilike it good

  31. crazybananazzz permalink

    You should read this article about how our society lacks proper role models.

  32. Fosu Frimpong permalink

    And many men who shall walk this life and know they possess the seed of life shall also know they got the power and grace to grow it…..Noble men raise leaders of their kind they live even after their death….Frimpsaint…New Life Movement(NELIM-GH)

  33. Mohammed Alshehari permalink

    We appreciate all the mentioned noble words and behavior as well as the respect for the greatest soul for each man and so which you all the best


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